No makeup, Natural Beauty Boudoir Sessions || Kansas City, MO Boudoir Photography

Celeste responded to my call for women who were willing to be photographed without any makeup on. I know this can be tricky for women who are used to wearing makeup on a daily basis, or even for women who don't usually wear makeup, but who would prefer professional hair and makeup to become "photo-ready." (I get it, because I generally want to wear some makeup when I'm being photographed too!)

But what I love about these sessions is that there's nothing to hide behind. Instead of focusing on the blush on your cheeks, or the rosy lipstick on your lips, I get to focus on the authentic giggles, the moments of pure joy. I get to know the raw energy of a person, and then let that show in the photographs that we make together.

If you'd like to book a no-makeup boudoir mini-session (these sessions take about 30 minutes start to finish!), let me know ASAP so we can squeeze you in!

Celeste is so beautiful, with and without makeup. The moment when she jumped on the bed brought out such extreme joy that I just about couldn't handle myself. I think I squeaked or yelled or shouted something, in fact, while she was jumping. I am not great at keeping my cool when I'm excited, but oh well! This is what boudoir is about.

Celeste, thank you for trusting me to make these photos of you, especially when you were out of your comfort zone, and not sure about being photographed without makeup. I love what we found together, and I can't wait to photograph you again soon!