Savannah, GA LGBT-friendly wedding photography // GaySavannah Weddings

With the impending Supreme Court decision that will determine the future of marriage equality in our country, I've been thinking a lot about the GaySavannah Wedding Expo back in August. Thirteen couples publicly professed their love and commitment to each other - and though same-sex marriage wasn't technically legal in Savannah at that point, it was absolutely the real deal. (It was the best ever. There was so much joy. So. Much. Joy!)

When there is that much love between two people, you can't help but fight hard for their relationship to be recognized as equal in the eyes of the government. Which is why I am glad that our country is moving forward collectively and will soon (hopefully very soon!) acknowledge same-sex weddings, and give LGBTQ couples, the same legal and social benefits as their straight counterparts. 

I'm rooting hard for the Supreme Court to make a decision that will move our country another step closer to true equality. (It's about time.) And then we can marry all the people! I can't think of much of a better party.