Thankful Thursday: Impromptu Photoshoot on Tybee Island

I'm always a little hesitant to bring my camera to the beach at Tybee Island, GA when we're just there for fun -- I feel like there are so many risks involved (getting sand in the camera, water spilling on it, or theft). Especially since, if we bring the camera, I wouldn't want to leave it alone on my towel, so there would always have to be someone out of the water. So I tend to lean towards counting on cell phone photos to document our time at the beach.

Donnie's mom is the best at pulling out her phone to snap some photos when the time is right, and boy was the time right on Tybee that night. After I stole the phone to take some photos of Bill and Stephanie, Stephanie turned the camera back on Donnie and me. Here are a few of my favorite photos (and let me tell you, the light was so magical, and I was so stuffed full of happiness and joy... it was totally nuts). I am so thankful for these photos, which totally captured the spirit and energy of the birthday weekend festivities. 

Stephanie, thanks for capturing our total goofiness! I love these photos so much. :)