Thankful Thursday is back!! - Savannah, GA couples boudoir photographer

It's back! I've missed it! Thankful Thursday is back in business. It may not be every single Thursday, but I'll do my darndest to bring you my small explosion of joy as often as I can. Because the thing is, life is so good, and these little (and big) moments are worth celebrating. 

So what am I thankful for this week? I am loving me some CHEESE. 

I haven't posted about this on the blog yet, but I'm in the middle of an elimination diet to see what is going on with my skin problems (I have acne worse than ever before, and wayyyy worse than when I was a teenager. It's bad). This month I am not eating gluten. Which... surprisingly has not been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. To be honest, the hardest thing has been bread in restaurants (I'm looking at you, amazing melty cheese platter with magical garlic bread at Jazz'd. I am SO going to eat you when this month is up). And beer. 

Ohhhhhhh I've been missing beer. And the funny thing is, I don't actually drink beer all that frequently. I tend to grab a glass of white wine or a bloody mary when I'm at home and wanting a grown up beverage. I think the fact that I can't drink the beer has intensified my interest in it though. Because oh man I feel like beer is everywhere and I just can't drink it! The worst. 

So the other day, Donnie and I were at Whole Foods and we realized it was during their happy hour. $3 pints while we're picking up coffee beans? Yes please. I figured I would get a cider, and I was feeling really good about that choice. But there was no cider! And instantly, my world felt really really sad. 

UNTIL!! The guy behind the beer and cheese counter felt bad that he didn't have a gluten-free drink to offer, so he put together this gorgeous little sampler of cheese together for me! Just a few little nibbles, but what a treat! I felt so special and well taken care of (good customer service, folks... it goes a long way!), and enjoyed every bite. 

So thank you to the Whole Foods cheese guy. And thank you to cheese for existing and making my life so much brighter! Mmmm now I'm hungry.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Have the most awesome day you can have!