Two Years || Savannah, GA Beauty Portrait Photographer

It's been two years since I married this guy. I love him so much, and being married is really, really wonderful.

Leading up to our wedding, I kept feeling like nothing was going to change in our relationship, but everyone who I mentioned that to was like, "You'll see..." And to be honest, there have certainly been some changes, but mostly Donnie and I just feel like the same ol' steady and sturdy couple that we were before. That said, this is not to say that there haven't been HUGE changes in the last two years. In these two years, I started a photography business and Donnie quit his job to become a fulltime student at SCAD. And we live in Savannah, GA now which is never a place on my radar until we made plans to move here. (I love it here so much.)

Part of our vows included the following phrases:

I will fight to make the dreams we share become a reality. I will confide in you my goals, and I will inspire you to reach yours. There is nothing we can’t accomplish together.

I think that, over the years, different parts of our vows will be more meaningful, or more poignant, based on our life circumstances, our goals, and the tides of our relationship. Right now, this is the part that feels spot on. I am proud of how hard we have worked in these last two years to achieve what we previously only dreamed up as possibilities.

The other thing I reflect on, two years after our wedding day, is how beautiful our wedding photos are, and how wonderfully they capture the love we were surrounded with on that glorious day. That day spent with our friends and family is something I will never forget, and having beautiful images to document it are worth more than I can possibly explain. Here are a few of my favorite people in the world from a really rocking day.