Weekend at the Hostel in the Forest

Donnie and I just got back from a perfect weekend at the Hostel in the Forest near Brunswick, GA, where we stayed for two nights for a little mini anniversary trip. It’s one of the most simple and complex places I have ever been, and the entire experience radiated joy and peacefulness. I feel so full of light now, and so grateful to have had the chance to spend some time there.

We met the most incredible people, we swam in a lake, showered in an outdoor shower, went to Dance Church. I did yoga in the Glass House with 360* views of the forest, birds chirping all around us, as an experienced yoga teacher guided us through our practice. We sang and slept in a treehouse and cooked and wandered and danced and thought and dreamed and I didn’t turn my phone on a single time. It was magical.

And I didn’t bring my camera, and because my phone was off, I didn’t take a single photo to share with this blog post. I did, however, bring my Holga, and shot 13 exposures on film. I’m going to finish up that roll of film sooner rather than later, and get the images developed. I’m hoping that the photos turn out, and if they do, I’ll share them here. But there’s no way this journey of ours can be captured in a few words, or a few photos. Some things are just meant to be remembered in your heart, I think. So that’s what I’ll do.