What I'm Loving Today || Idina Menzel performs with Jimmy Fallon || Savannah, GA Empowerment Photographer

I just cannot get enough of the soundtrack of the movie Frozen. I listen to it in the car practically non-stop (because, Georgia Public Broadcasting, you do your best, but you will never be as wonderful and perfect as WILL AM-580 in my heart). I sing dramatic renditions of the songs to my cats. Whiskey is a very good silent Elsa when I sing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman." (He doesn't want to build a snowman.)

And then this happened. It is way too good, and is full of so much joy. 

I know Idina got a lot of grief for her performance at the Oscars. Yeah, it was not her best performance (c'mon, wouldn't you be nervous too?) but she was super elegant and had some wonderful moments. But girlfriend blew it out of the water with this amazing performance with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. What a relief to see someone so talented let loose and completely rock it. Best ever.

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