Tilt-Shift views of Savannah from the Hilton Savannah DeSoto Hotel - 15th floor

I’ve been collaborating lately with Megan of It’s Megan Jones, and our very first photowalk together took us around Downtown Savannah. We ended up in the Hilton Savannah DeSoto hotel for some playful homemade tilt-shift lens images, and before that, spent a little time playing with Megan’s new flash set-up in a parking garage. The 15th floor of the Hilton DeSoto has the most incredible views - you have a great view of the Talmadge Bridge in Savannah out one window, and the Savannah Cathedral glows in golden hour out another. Yet another window offers a glorious sunset view, but we didn’t stay late enough to see that.

Here are my favorite photos from the Hilton DeSoto in Savannah, using my improvised tilt-shift lens that Donnie made me for my birthday a couple of years ago. I don’t get to use it very often in sessions, so it’s always a treat to break it out to play!

And here are a few from the parking garage, where we really pushed the flash and used it in ways we never would with a client. So much fun!

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Weekend at the Hostel in the Forest

Donnie and I just got back from a perfect weekend at the Hostel in the Forest near Brunswick, GA, where we stayed for two nights for a little mini anniversary trip. It’s one of the most simple and complex places I have ever been, and the entire experience radiated joy and peacefulness. I feel so full of light now, and so grateful to have had the chance to spend some time there.

We met the most incredible people, we swam in a lake, showered in an outdoor shower, went to Dance Church. I did yoga in the Glass House with 360* views of the forest, birds chirping all around us, as an experienced yoga teacher guided us through our practice. We sang and slept in a treehouse and cooked and wandered and danced and thought and dreamed and I didn’t turn my phone on a single time. It was magical.

And I didn’t bring my camera, and because my phone was off, I didn’t take a single photo to share with this blog post. I did, however, bring my Holga, and shot 13 exposures on film. I’m going to finish up that roll of film sooner rather than later, and get the images developed. I’m hoping that the photos turn out, and if they do, I’ll share them here. But there’s no way this journey of ours can be captured in a few words, or a few photos. Some things are just meant to be remembered in your heart, I think. So that’s what I’ll do.

Thankful Thursday: Impromptu Photoshoot on Tybee Island

I'm always a little hesitant to bring my camera to the beach at Tybee Island, GA when we're just there for fun -- I feel like there are so many risks involved (getting sand in the camera, water spilling on it, or theft). Especially since, if we bring the camera, I wouldn't want to leave it alone on my towel, so there would always have to be someone out of the water. So I tend to lean towards counting on cell phone photos to document our time at the beach.

Donnie's mom is the best at pulling out her phone to snap some photos when the time is right, and boy was the time right on Tybee that night. After I stole the phone to take some photos of Bill and Stephanie, Stephanie turned the camera back on Donnie and me. Here are a few of my favorite photos (and let me tell you, the light was so magical, and I was so stuffed full of happiness and joy... it was totally nuts). I am so thankful for these photos, which totally captured the spirit and energy of the birthday weekend festivities. 

Stephanie, thanks for capturing our total goofiness! I love these photos so much. :)

Two Years || Savannah, GA Beauty Portrait Photographer

It's been two years since I married this guy. I love him so much, and being married is really, really wonderful.

Leading up to our wedding, I kept feeling like nothing was going to change in our relationship, but everyone who I mentioned that to was like, "You'll see..." And to be honest, there have certainly been some changes, but mostly Donnie and I just feel like the same ol' steady and sturdy couple that we were before. That said, this is not to say that there haven't been HUGE changes in the last two years. In these two years, I started a photography business and Donnie quit his job to become a fulltime student at SCAD. And we live in Savannah, GA now which is never a place on my radar until we made plans to move here. (I love it here so much.)

Part of our vows included the following phrases:

I will fight to make the dreams we share become a reality. I will confide in you my goals, and I will inspire you to reach yours. There is nothing we can’t accomplish together.

I think that, over the years, different parts of our vows will be more meaningful, or more poignant, based on our life circumstances, our goals, and the tides of our relationship. Right now, this is the part that feels spot on. I am proud of how hard we have worked in these last two years to achieve what we previously only dreamed up as possibilities.

The other thing I reflect on, two years after our wedding day, is how beautiful our wedding photos are, and how wonderfully they capture the love we were surrounded with on that glorious day. That day spent with our friends and family is something I will never forget, and having beautiful images to document it are worth more than I can possibly explain. Here are a few of my favorite people in the world from a really rocking day.

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Happy Birthday Donnie! || Savannah, GA Modern Glamour Portrait Photographer

On Sunday, we celebrated my wonderful husband's 30th birthday. The day was about as perfect as a day can be, in my opinion. Donnie's parents and brother surprised him with a visit to Savannah. They arrived on Friday night and the surprise element was phenomenal. We pulled it off big time, and the suspense and the secrets in the lead-up were totally worth it. 

 The view from our hotel room on Tybee Island, GA

The view from our hotel room on Tybee Island, GA

One of my favorite things about us as a couple, and Donnie's family, is that we make the most out of tricky situations. Our big plan was to make pancakes on Sunday morning in our hotel room out on Tybee Island. However, our hotel room didn't have the kitchenette that we thought it did, so we had to get creative. Luckily, we brought along the griddle that my grandma gave us a few months ago, so we got to work. [Note: we follow this recipe pretty closely, except for the part where it says to "lightly butter the griddle. No butter should be visible." <-- That is false. You should use a ton of butter, and it should definitely be visible. That creates the crispy edge around the pancakes that is totally and completely magical.]


We had to work around the fact that there was no way to heat up water on a stovetop, because we didn't have the kitchenette we were anticipating -- so we heated up water in the single cup coffee maker, and poured it into our French Press (that we brought with us, of course -- we have to have fancy coffee for Donnie's 30th birthday!).

Making the pancakes was a total adventure - we melted the butter on top of the griddle in the metal tupperware that we happened to have with us. We mixed the pancake batter up in a combination of a ziplock bag and the (freshly washed) ice bucket.

 Pouring pancakes onto the griddle from the ziplock "pastry bag" that we mixed the batter in. "Z" is for Zimos, Donnie's nickname!&nbsp;

Pouring pancakes onto the griddle from the ziplock "pastry bag" that we mixed the batter in. "Z" is for Zimos, Donnie's nickname! 

The entire day ended up being a huge success, culminating in a dinner party with some of our favorite people. And a belly full of pancakes is definitely a great way to launch into being 30. Happy birthday, my love!

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First Boudoir session in Boudoir by Tiffany studio space! - Savannah, GA Boudoir Photography

I am flying high from this morning. We had the most elegant, stunning woman in the studio today for a boudoir session in my new Savannah studio at Boudoir by Tiffany. I'll definitely share more information soon, but for now I have some editing to do! 

Because every space photographs differently, I wanted to make sure I was as prepared as possible for shooting in my new studio. A few of my Savannah friends were roped into modeling for me so I could practice manipulating the light here, and so I could photograph their beautiful faces. But sometimes you have to make it work with what you've got, so I was very appreciative of this mannequin (with a bra-head), who let me test my reflector on her. What a generous spirit. 

Tonight, I have a huge styled shoot with It's Megan Jones -- I'm so excited to come back here and share the images. It's going to be a blast. I'm planning on pushing my glamour boundaries a little further, so that I can continue empowering women in many different genres of photography. 

Ahhhh life is happening and it's so good! I hope the world is treating you gently, and that you can find slivers of joy in everything you do. Have an awesome day!


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How Do You Inspire Joy?

There is a school that I walk by when I'm out for a long stroll. If I happen to be out early enough, I'll be walking by as the kids are shuffling frantically into the building before the last bell rings. And then, there is a brief moment of total calm, in which the moms and dads and nannies and grandparents take a quiet breath, soaking in the noiseless air. The silence holds until the first bell sounds, shattering the myth of calm and snapping everyone back to their busy day.

My favorite thing is what happens next: the principal comes over the intercom and announces (loud enough for those of us on the street to hear) a little something about the morning's schedule, or an after school activity. And then she wishes everyone a wonderful day. 

I think I would like to be a principal, but mostly so I can broadcast over the world's intercom, and inspire brilliance and peace and joy in the day of anyone who is willing to listen. Perhaps that's how I've ended up here with this blog, and this business, so that my voice can reach just a little farther, to send out my love to the world. 

Here's a photo I've not shared on the blog before -- this is the photo that, in theory, went out on our holiday cards this year. I say in theory, because we're terrible at actually sending anything, ever. But this was a fun photo to shoot with a tripod and a timer in snowy Urbana, IL, right before we drove back to Savannah for the new year. It was about 1 AM and the sky had exploded in snow, so what better time to go outside to play?

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Savannah, GA Event Photographer - SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival 2014 at Forsyth Park

Over the weekend, we got together with my new friend Megan (of It's Megan Jones Photography -- go check her out! Her pinup shoots are killer) and walked through Forsyth Park to admire all the brilliant chalk art done by the SCAD students. It is an annual competition, and the students (and alumni) have only 3 hours to draw their squares. We saw some phenomenal art, especially considering the time constraints. 

Here are a few of my favorites!

Have an awesome day!

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