The Empowerment Studio is on the lookout for our first ever team of

Empowerment Cheerleaders!

An Empowerment Cheerleader is a super special role in our Empowerment Studio community. It's not for everyone - you really have to be willing to show the eff up for your people, and be ready to change some lives. We don't take this lightly, and because we know it's a big job, we've lined up some pretty sweet bonuses for our first Empowerment Cheerleading team!

If you think this might be you, keep reading below for details!


Here in the Empowerment Studio...

We are always looking for new ways to reach out, empower more people, and create joy! And we're looking for a team to help us in our mission. 

Basically what we're saying here is: wanna be BFFs with the Empowerment Photographer and her people? (You know you do!)


We're searching for a dream team of empowered beauties to come and be a core part of our team. Our mission of taking over the world in a sparkly blast of empowerment is .... well, a pretty big job. 

And that's where you come in. 

It's super important that we find the right group of people:

  • you must be 21 or older
  • you must be on a journey to love yourself more (there's no end to that game!)
  • you must see beauty in other people
  • kindness should be a core value of yours
  • you absolutely must value creating a space that is safe, supportive, and inclusive (and you must be willing to push us all to make a space that is even MORE safe, MORE supportive, and MORE inclusive).
  • you believe that all bodies are beautiful bodies and deserve to be celebrated; that we have a lot of work to do to make this country a more loving place; and you’re willing to use your voice to make it happen

You'll hang out with us in the Empowerment Studio (like you do already!), and also be involved in some super special adventures with the rest of the Empowerment Team. More details on all of that below. 

Take a peek through this page, and if you're reading along going, "Oh. Oh yeah, I am ALL IN. Kinzie wrote this Empowerment Cheerleader info page for me. I was made for this!" Well, then, get your booty on down to the link below and apply! 

vision board party.JPG

Empowerment Cheerleaders responsibilities: 

  • Rock an Empowerment Cheerleader team photo shoot in Kinzie's studio in Kansas City, MO to model lingerie from the Client Lingerie Closet (you don't have to live here, but you do have to be willing to travel here one time for the photoshoot!)
  • Share your Empowerment Boudoir experience in the Empowerment Studio, in a blog post on my website, in fb lives - and optionally on your personal fb page, etc.
  • Attend Empowerment Studio events (some are in person, some are online - it's okay if you can't make them all, or if you don't live in KC and can't come to events in person!)
  • Actively participate in the Empowerment Studio - comment on posts, compliment the people who are willing to share their photos, and boost each other up with encouraging comments and feedback
  • Sign a full model release for your boudoir session(s) so we can share your gorgeousness all over ze internet to spread the word about this empowering experience


  • Get photographed by the Empowerment Photographer wearing fancy lingerie from the Client Lingerie Closet
  • Receive a mobile app of photos from the Client Lingerie Closet photoshoot
  • Double referral credit (yes, that's right - receive $200 in studio credit for every client who books a regular session in the Empowerment Studio at your recommendation!)
  • Hang out with the Empowerment Photographer in a private facebook group
  • Free or suuuuuuuper discounted tickets to all monthly Empowerment Studio events
  • A top secret surprise that is ....... really baller, if I do say so myself! But I can't tell you what it is until you are selected as an Empowerment Cheerleader! But this is probably the best perk of them all, tbh.
  • Hang out with Kinzie and Meredith (I mean, top perk right here, amiright?)

Does this sound like you? Are you fist-pumping enthusiastically as you read the application? Are you accidentally having a dance party all by yourself, thinking of the possibilities? Shouting, "Yes. Yes. YES! This is meeeeeee!"?

If so, get your booty on over to the application and make it happen. We seriously cannot WAIT to see what you have to say. <3 

>>>>>> APPLY HERE <<<<<<