Hello love,

You are beautiful.

Is that scary to read? It shouldn't be. You are really, truly, deeply beautiful. And I believe it so firmly that I have made it my mission in life to prove it to you. 

Part of my power comes from what I do with my camera. I help you see yourself from a new perspective, a new angle, and I create photos of you that you love. The other part of what I do has nothing to do with the images I create for you, technically. It has to do with the feeling you get while we are working together, when we are so connected that you start to believe (really!) the truths that I am sharing with you. I help you see your body in a new light, and help you gain appreciation for how strong and amazing you are.

I believe that bodies are weird, and that we should learn to love them. And even more than loving them, we should appreciate them for what they are capable of. Here are a few resources that I love, that I turn to when I'm seeking greater strength and appreciation for my own body. Maybe you'll like them too: 

A Beautiful Body Project


The 4th Trimester Bodies Project

We Seek Joy - Babies Ruin Bodies

I am proud that I have changed the lives of people across the country. I have helped men and women feel beautiful for the first time in years. I have guided people to see how stunning they are on the outside (because even though it's nice to feel beautiful on the inside, we want a little bit of both, right?). I have convinced people that they are worthy of indulgence and celebration, and then indulged and celebrated right along with them. 

I love my job, but what I do is so much more than a job. I change people's lives. When I find something that I am passionate about, I pursue it; when I see something I want to change, I go after it. And I make it happen. This is my mission statement, my goal, my life: I will make everyone feel crazy beautiful and take over the world with a rockin' army of empowered people. Come join me.