Selfie Tips so you can start to look like YOU in your selfies!

Phone/camera/selfie tips:

1) Find your light - hold the phone up in selfie mode and then spin around to find the light you love most (bonus tips: look for even light, not sun/shadow patches; face TOWARDS a light source, unless you're outside in lots of light, and then put the sun behind you). Here’s a video showing the difference between me having good light on my face, vs. not-so-great light. Move til you find the light that works for you!
2) Find the actual camera. Take a moment and look for where the selfie camera lens is on your phone! It's so easy to watch yourself, or accidentally be looking at the flash instead of the camera - this tip makes a huge difference!
3) Tap on your face on the phone screen to focus the camera on you, AND to adjust the lighting so your face is the best lit thing in the photo
4) Hold the phone slightly above your head (this helps give your whole face access to the light sources that usually come from above us!)
5) Use portrait mode if you have it!
6) Take a bunch of selfies in a row before you look at any of them, review, and then take more if you want to! Seriously, quantity is key (or at least it is for me! I loosen up as I go, and find that I usually like my 20th selfie more than my first! Doesn't mean the first is bad, but I'm able to show up more like myself as I relax into it.)

Posing tips:

1) Get ready in your mind to smile - think happy thoughts, or imagine you're posing with someone you love taking pictures with! I tend to smile more naturally when I'm taking a picture with someone else, so I imagine I'm taking the picture with a friend or my son!
2) Try different angles - move your chin up, down, and all around, or keep your head in one place and move the phone! Soften your shoulders - or wiggle your shoulders around - try all sorts of combinations until you find what you love! Take pictures as you make adjustments with your body, and notice which poses you dig most.
3) Pop your booty or your hips out, pop a knee forward, or wiggle your butt side to side right before taking the photo -- even if these body parts aren't in the picture - it adds some sassy magic to your photo!
4) Imagine that you are wiggling ferociously as you take your picture (but just on the inside, or else your photos will all be blurry! Though, maybe a photo that is blurry from joy is actually the ultimate selfie, so never mind me, wiggle on!)
5) Close your eyes, breathe, smile in your eyes and your brain, and then look up slowly at the camera while you think the most magical thoughts you can muster. It's kind of like when Harry Potter learns to cast his Patronus spell - you gotta get happy on the inside to let it show on the outside!

If you feel like it's not working:

1) Put your phone down and try again in a minute - sometimes we just need a chance to reset. Maybe even listen to the Day 1 #SelfietoSelfLove Empowerment Blast again!
2) Try making a video selfie! You can record a video of yourself in selfie mode, move around, pose and smile in different ways, and even make yourself laugh! Don't forget to look in the actual camera the whole time. Then, go back to watch the video, pause and then screenshot your favorite look, and crop it into a magical selfie!
3) Dance, make a goofy face, wiggle around - give yourself permission to have fun with it, and know that your personality shining through is more than enough to make it a perfect selfie!
4) Remember that this is an (odd, relatively new) art form, and it's something that is learned over time. So keep trying all these tips, and practicing finding your light and your favorite angles, but also know that the more you do it, the more you'll find your own magical selfie zone. You showing up in photographs is SO important - you are actively creating space for yourself, and that is a super badass, magical thing!! That can be enough for now, as you navigate this journey with us! We will still love you exactly as you show up -- PROMISE.