Behind the Scenes of a Boudoir Shoot || KCMO Boudoir Photographer

I love sharing the gorgeous, empowered images with you all from my boudoir shoots - what could be sexier and more powerful than a lady who knows herself and is owning the moment?! That being said, I also LOVE when I get to share the silly behind-the-scenes moments from a session, like these gems with Angela.


Boudoir is giggles and beautiful hair and makeup, and sultry poses -- but it can also be SO MUCH FUN!!


Even though I promise we will have a BLAST during your session, I can also promise that we will have more than enough amazing, gorgeous shots that are in keeping with what you think of boudoir. I mean, just take a look at Angela and it's obvious - she's a stunner! 

(Ps. I especially love posting outtakes from my own headshot sessions, because who doesn’t like to laugh at themselves from time to time?)

Wendy/Rebel Belle || Boudoir Session || Kansas City, MO

What I find especially fun and magical about Wendy is the fact that she also uses her talent for dance when performing as her burlesque character "Rebel Belle". (You can check it out here, which is her Facebook page.)

Both sides of Wendy are saucy and sexy, but we got to dive into her softer side as well - as you can see, she is full of realness and joy!

If you happen to be lucky enough to live near Knoxville, you could see her perform! She will be rocking the Smoky Mountain Burlesque festival in September - more info can be found here.

(As a fun side note, Wendy's husband was the one who gave me my current favorite "Expecto Patronum" tat on my leg. Power couple alert! You can check his stuff out here.)

Wendy, thank you for a magical and empowering session - I can't wait to hear more great things about you and Rebel Belle!! Go get 'em girl!

Blonde, Beautiful, Joyful || Boudoir Session || Kansas City, MO Boudoir Photography

When you are used to being a cosplayer, it can be tricky to step in front of the camera as yourself. I'd say that she nailed it! I love that we were able to capture so much of the joy that filled this session.

This session was all about celebrating the client's gorgeousness without any costumes to detract from her own beauty. Oftentimes it seems as though boudoir has to be sexy or nothing; but why can't it also be joyous and filled with laughter and fun?! 

That being said, there is something so amazing to the sexy shots that we found together - look how amazing and confident she is!

I'd say what made this session so incredible was that we were able to shoot exactly who she is; joyful, beautiful, confident, and sexy. Let boudoir show who you are as a person - and let me show you how incredible you are!

Frankie || Boudoir Portrait || Kansas City, MO Boudoir Photography

"The canvas is hanging on the wall opposite my bed, and is the first thing I see in the morning. It fills me with joy like I can't describe. It is THE THING that completes the sacred space of my bedroom.” - Frankie, on her prints from the session

Frankie booked a session with me to celebrate her 30th birthday - what an amazing idea, by the way! I love that she wanted to enter the next stage of her life by taking such a bold step to celebrate her own power and joy. 

I LOVE the images that we were able to capture - and what they meant for Frankie!

I am OBSESSED with the images from her bubble bath that we captured! Frankie was the inspiration to spice up my standard bathtub game with a substitution of bubbles for the standard milkbath.

In case anyone was wondering, after various tests, we discovered the best bubbles out there: Transformer's orange-scented children shampoo and conditioner from Save-A-Lot!

An incredible ending to an incredible session - thank you, Frankie!

Jessica || Boudoir Portrait || Kansas City, MO Boudoir Photography

I knew as soon as Jessica came into the studio that we would be in for an amazing session! 

What I love most about my session with Jessica is the joy you can see written across her face in every shot! From silly, to sensual, she was so full of loveliness, you can't help but smile back!

Jessica, thank you for an amazing session! 

No makeup, Natural Beauty Boudoir Sessions || Kansas City, MO Boudoir Photography

Celeste responded to my call for women who were willing to be photographed without any makeup on. I know this can be tricky for women who are used to wearing makeup on a daily basis, or even for women who don't usually wear makeup, but who would prefer professional hair and makeup to become "photo-ready." (I get it, because I generally want to wear some makeup when I'm being photographed too!)

But what I love about these sessions is that there's nothing to hide behind. Instead of focusing on the blush on your cheeks, or the rosy lipstick on your lips, I get to focus on the authentic giggles, the moments of pure joy. I get to know the raw energy of a person, and then let that show in the photographs that we make together.

If you'd like to book a no-makeup boudoir mini-session (these sessions take about 30 minutes start to finish!), let me know ASAP so we can squeeze you in!

Celeste is so beautiful, with and without makeup. The moment when she jumped on the bed brought out such extreme joy that I just about couldn't handle myself. I think I squeaked or yelled or shouted something, in fact, while she was jumping. I am not great at keeping my cool when I'm excited, but oh well! This is what boudoir is about.

Celeste, thank you for trusting me to make these photos of you, especially when you were out of your comfort zone, and not sure about being photographed without makeup. I love what we found together, and I can't wait to photograph you again soon!

Kia || Milk Bath Boudoir Session || Savannah, GA Boudoir Photography

In my studio, there is the most gorgeous clawfoot bathtub. It is just BEGGING for glamorous portraits to be made in it! 

Kia came to my studio for her milk bath boudoir session, and we had the best time creating these stunning images. 


Kia, you are so amazing. Thank you for sharing this experience with me! I can't wait to photograph you again someday!

Holly // Kansas City, MO Boudoir Photography // Tattoos and Pin-ups and Sass - Oh my!

HOLLYYYYYY! My goodness, you are so stunning. I was looking through old blog posts and ... somehow missed ever sharing your gorgeous (sassy, empowered) images with the world. No time like the present, I guess! 

Holly brought so much fun clothing with her to her boudoir session. I often like to keep it kind of simple when it comes to boudoir clothing selections (because I love featuring the person, instead of being super distracted by the clothing). But when someone brings in a swim suit (!) that is THIS amazing, and looks THIS good on her?! Uhhhh yes please, I will photograph you all day in this gorgeous teal/turquoise number. 

This woman is one of the most strong, independent people I know. She is on a fierce health journey, she is a foster-mom extraordinare, and she also somehow manages to keep track of approximately a million animals on her land. And she makes a mean cake

Holly, I am so glad I know you! Thank you for coming into my studio to play with me!