Boudoir Clothing Guide, Empowerment Photographer-style!

Oh boy! It's time to choose clothing for your boudoir session! Read on to see some of my best tips and tricks!

The MOST important thing: I want you to look like *you*, in whatever you are most comfortable, and whatever makes you both feel like the epitome of yourself. If you have clothing or lingerie that makes you feel super sexy and magical, bring that! This could mean a lacy slip, bralettes, body suits, boxers or briefs, strappy-magic, etc. You can also bring your a cozy sweater, fancy dress-up clothing, or even a unicorn robe; variety is great. No specific requirements -- just bring things you love and that make you feel awesome! 

Between the items you bring, and the fun pieces I have in the Client Lingerie Closet, we'll come up with your final outfits that you'll be photographed in!

You'll wear around three different "looks" in your boudoir session. Some clients do two lingerie looks and a third look that is either nude, implied nudity, or a white sheet set.

Bring 2-4 outfits that we can pick from. I'll help you narrow down your outfits before we start shooting, based on what I know will photograph the best! 

Want a couple more ideas? Take a look at my Instagram feed to see what my other clients have been wearing in their sessions (don't they look super gorgeous?!). Use this as a jumping off point, and dig into your closet to find what you want to bring! And make sure you scroll down for the super important DOs and DON'Ts. 


Don't forget: you can always add on an additional look (it's just $100!), if you can't dream of only doing three outfits, or if you want to add on a headshot look! This is your session -- let's make the most of it!

Want to use pieces from my Client Lingerie Closet?

I carry over 200 pieces ranging from XS-6XL -- just bring a nude-to-you or black thong to wear underneath the pieces, or a matching bra/undies set, and you can borrow anything you'd like for your boudoir session!

General Tips:

1) Make sure you eat a healthy, protein-filled meal before we begin our session. You are going to be in all sorts of crazy poses for these photos, and I don't want you to pass out on me! I want to make sure you have energy to work through the whole session.

2) The day of your session, wear loose-fitting clothing so you won't have permanent marks on your body from your jeans or your bra. Beware tight socks, and take off the hair tie that is around your wrist before showing up so we won't forget! 

3) Come with a clean face and clean, dry hair (clean and dry are both super important!). And get ready to be pampered!

curvy plus size torrid lingerie boudoir


  • DO wear clothing that makes you feel amazing! Bring clothing that you love, that makes you feel beautiful, that makes you smile. Lingerie, and any other clothing you wear, should make you feel incredible.

  • DO think of the colors that best represent you -- bring bold, fun colors if that's your thing, or stick to a neutral/soft palette!

  • DO have a fresh coat of paint on your nails and toes -- OR have completely clean, nude nails. Either one is totally fine -- we just don't want chipped polish!

  • DO bring and wear clothing that represents you and your gender well. Boudoir is not inherently feminine, even though society would have us believe it to be so. Let’s celebrate you exactly as you are!

  • DO make sure your body hair looks exactly the way you want it to!

... and DON'Ts...

  • DON'T go tanning, get a spray tan, or use self-tanning lotion in the week leading up to your session. The spray tan can appear extra orange in photos -- and it can rub off on your clothes or the bedding, and is very splotchy in camera. And definitely do your best to avoid coming in with tan lines unless you want them featured in your session -- editing those out is an extra fee!

  • DON'T wear clothing that is too tight in your session - it can create weird lines and bulges in the curves of your body, and it is also uncomfortable β€” and we don't want that!

  • DON'T hide your beautiful body. If you're not super in love with your body (yet!), that's okay. I promise. Posing, flattering light, and the amazing, empowering energy that I throw at you during your shoot will do some serious magic -- I promise you I'll help you look and feel your absolute best every step of the way! But we don't want to hide that gorgeous body of yours. Let's show it off so I can show right back to you just how amazing you are.

black and white fine art

Other fun things to think about...

  • Lots of layers and interesting mixtures of fabrics add to the gorgeousness of your photos. Different textures layered on top of each other create interest and depth in the images.

  • As much as the idea is super fun, bulky t-shirts, men's button downs, and jerseys really don't photograph super well. If you want to bring one, we can possibly throw that on at the very end of your session for a super quick photo or two, but we won't photograph you in that for one of your three main looks. 

  • I absolutely love photographing fine art nude sessions (nothing to distract from how amazing and powerful your body is!) - I like to call that the "budget conscious" option!

I can't wait to see what you bring!! And remember, we will go through everything you brought and choose your final outfits based on what will look great together, and what will photograph brilliantly. Bring 2-4 different outfits, and we'll pick the best 3 among them (with supplements from the Client Lingerie Closet!) -- I will guide you through this process! You are going to SHINE!


Come ready to rock this session. Try your best to be relaxed and only bring positive self-talk with you -- this is your day to celebrate YOU. So let's cheer on your amazing, powerful body and have an awesome time!