Couples Boudoir Clothing Guide, KFP-style!

Oh boy! It's time to choose clothing for your couples boudoir session! Read on to see some of my best tips and tricks!

The MOST important thing: I want you to both look like *you*, in whatever you are most comfortable, and whatever makes you both feel like the epitome of yourselves.

If you have clothing items that are more sexytime clothing/lingerie, bring that! (This could mean corsets, a lacy slip, boxers or boxer briefs, etc. No specific requirements -- just bring things you love!) Also bring fun things like comfy pajamas, fancy dress-up clothing; variety is great. Generally, you want to bring items that complement each other, that look like they would exist in the same closet. No need to be matchy-matchy though! :-p

Want a couple more ideas? Here is an inspiration board I put together. Use this as a jumping off point, and dig into your closet to find what you want to bring!

Want the "DOs and DON'Ts" for your couples boudoir session? Pay extra attention to Page 4 of this bonus clothing guide! There are some extra tips in there that are for the super glam among us - we're talking lace and sequins and bling (oh my!). :)

I can't wait to see what you bring!! And remember, while you're getting pampered by my Hair and Makeup Artist, we will go through everything you brought and choose your final outfits based on what will look great together, and what will photograph brilliantly. So bring more than you think you need -- I will guide you through this process! You are going to SHINE!