Thinking about booking a session? I bet you have a TON of questions right now. Here are some answers to the questions I am asked most often. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact me

What's a boudoir session really like? To start things off your day of pampering, you will receive a makeover from my professional hair and makeup artist. Then, your photo shoot will begin. We will play and dance and move around, and we'll start creating some beautiful images. I do all the hard work -- your job is to be present, to follow my (sometimes challenging!) directions, and to make silly faces at me when I tell you I'm testing the light. I'll probably be climbing all over furniture, stuck in weird angles, and will inadvertently pose along with you, even though I'm the one taking the photos. And I'll make sure you're at ease and totally comfortable the whole time.

A week later, you'll get to view your images at your personalized ordering session. You'll get to choose which images you love the most, and only go home with your favorites! It'll be hard to pick (or you could just buy them all!), but I'll guide you through the process, I promise!

Do you shoot couples boudoir sessions? I do! I think couples boudoir is a really beautiful, sexy, and intimate way to celebrate your love with your partner. 

Do you work with the LGBTQ community? Would you photograph a same sex couples boudoir session? UHHHHHH YES. And I really look forward to the day when that doesn't need to be a question on an FAQ page, because it would just be a given. But in the meantime, let me say this: No matter who you are, I think you're awesome, and I would love to photograph you.

What advice would your past clients give me about doing a session? Lucky for you, I asked some of my former clients exactly that! Here's what a few of them had to say:

  • "I don't think I've ever felt so comfortable in my own body (and this came at a time when I was generally feeling unusually uncomfortable in my body, so you know it was special.) I'd highly recommend it, because you'll want a record of yourself at this point in your life, but also because the session is an enormous pick-me-up. And lady, you deserve it."
  • "I was expecting it to be all serious with lots of directions to "look sexy" (um, what? how do I do that?), but it was actually just such a blast. Kinzie cracked jokes the whole time and really made me feel at ease and beautiful."

Do you use Photoshop? Short answer: yes. I photoshop out all the things I should have fixed during your session (a stray hair across your eye) or things that will be gone tomorrow (I'm looking at you, stress-pimple-that-showed-up-the-morning-of-the-shoot). But your body? Nahhhh. I know that it's possible for us to start seeing ourselves as beautiful just the way we are -- and it is my hope that these photos will help you look in the mirror and say "I am beautiful" (and mean it). 

How do I choose which images I want to purchase? I will guide you through that whole process in your Viewing and Ordering session. It's a lot of fun, and I'm able to help you figure out which images would look best in an album, vs. which image will be the sexiest for you to hang in your bedroom. No stress -- I'm here to help you!

What do I wear to my session? Don't worry! I'll totally hook you up with my best tips and tricks during your pre-session consultation. By the day of your session, you'll know exactly what you will wear for your shoot. 


Still not seeing what you're looking for? Contact me and I'll do my best to answer your question as soon as I possibly can!