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Remember a little while ago, when it was all over facebook that people had to share a certain number of things about themselves? Well, I was super busy at the time, so I wasn't planning to participate. But then Mary, the mother of the beautiful Jessica whose wedding I shot in August 2013, caught me. I "liked" her status (she talked about when Jess was little! it was sweet!) and she assigned me the number 9. So here you go. 9 random things about me!

1. I have always been a big sucker for these random answers things... It's like an itch I just have to scratch. Back in the day when I had a LiveJournal, I had way too much fun filling out answers to all the memes I could get my hands on. No really- all of them. 

2. I used to chat on AIM all the time. Chances are, if we talked on AIM back in the day, I probably have a saved conversation between us somewhere. Bonus points if I had a crush on you. Then I probably had at least 10 convos saved.

3. When our cats are lying on my legs/stomach/back/foot, I will go to great length to not disturb them as I am trying to fall asleep. This results in oddly contorted sleeping positions, but I just feel so special when they lie on me. Donnie always teases me about it. He just moves when he wants to move (imagine that!).

4. My mom calls me at 12:12 pm every year on my birthday, which is the exact time I was born. I look forward to it every year. 

5. When I was in 2nd grade, my parents surprised me by sending a singing gorilla with balloons to my lunchroom at school on my birthday. I was mortified and cried. 

6. Somewhere, there are cassette tapes that I made on my little kiddy boom box of me (circa age 2-3) singing and playing and talking - but mostly singing; let's be real. I mostly sang songs from The Little Mermaid and Cinderella, but I always sang everything about two octaves too high. I love listening to these tapes because I can hear my grandpa talking in the background.

7. My shoe size is 11.5. Which basically doesn't exist. So for most shoes, I have to decide if I want them to be a little too tight (which means they will stay on my foot) or a little too loose (which means they will fall off if they're not lace up shoes). However, for my wedding, I ordered a pair of 11.5 purple heels from Zappos and it was luxurious. 

8. I really love my body. Like most people, I have my days where I am more critical, and certainly there are things I might change if I could (starting with not having acne anymore. Isn't that supposed to go away when you're done being a teenager??). But that said, most days, I am so grateful for my body being strong, beautiful, and dependable. I love that I can go into a store and pick up a pair of pants and know they will most likely fit me. I love that my body tells me when I am needing more protein or iron, because I can feel it. I love that I have curves, and that I'm not perfect, and that my body is here for me. My goal in life is to help other women feel the same way. I'm working on it. 

9. My grandma is my biggest role model. She is strong and incredibly beautiful, and has been through so much, but remains so joyful and hopeful. She also makes the best banana bread muffins in the world. All through college, she welcomed me and my roommates every single weekend to her house for Sunday Dinner. The invitation was open to a random collection of my friends and my castmates. It was a different group every week. Sometimes Sunday Dinner was a little smaller (maybe only 8 people or so...) and other times it was closer to 30 people. And my grandma fed us all. My roommates and I did our laundry there, and we stuffed ourselves on veggies and muffins and wine and lasagna. It was a highlight of my week, and a highlight of my college experience. I feel so lucky to have had time with my family, especially my grandma, who is such an inspiration to me.