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Day 1 Email


I can't believe it! It's DAY 1 of the #SelfietoSelfLove Empowerment Challenge!!!!! It's finally here!! 

**** If you'd like to listen to this email in an audio recording, click here: It's under 10 minutes long! ****

Today is all about upleveling our selfie game. Here's a collection of my best tips and tricks to get you started. 

 - if you get nothing else from this email before you go post your selfie, GET THIS: other people's selfies have a knack of looking easy and simple, but they're actually kind of an odd, specific art form, and it's something that takes a lot of practice! There are a lot of moving pieces to a selfie (posing, lighting, not dropping your phone on your face, etc....) - and our sweet, sweet facebook group The Empowerment Studio is the perfect, safe space to practice in. So don't worry if you don't feel like you're nailing it right away. That's what we're here for, to give you an empowering environment where you can put yourself out there and see what happens! 

And now, as I've been promising you, let's learn how to take better selfies! Here are just a couple of my tricks - for the rest, go to (there's so many more tips over there, so do go take a peek!):

Phone/camera/selfie tips: 

Find your light - hold the phone up in selfie mode and then spin around to find the light you love most (bonus tips: look for even light, not sun/shadow patches; face TOWARDS a light source, unless you're outside in lots of light, and then put the sun behind you) 
2) Find the actual camera. Take a moment and look for where the selfie camera lens is on your phone! It's so easy to watch yourself, or accidentally be looking at the flash instead of the camera - this tip makes a huge difference!
[Tips #3-5 are over at Selfie Tips]
6) Take a bunch of selfies in a row before you look at any of them, review, and then take more if you want to! Seriously, quantity is key (or at least it is for me! I loosen up as I go, and find that I usually like my 20th selfie more than my first! Doesn't mean the first is bad, but I'm able to show up more like myself as I relax into it.)

Posing tips:

1) Get ready in your mind to smile - think happy thoughts, or imagine you're posing with someone you love taking pictures with! I tend to smile more naturally when I'm taking a picture with someone else, so I imagine I'm taking the picture with a friend or my son!
2) Try different angles - move your chin up, down, and all around, or keep your head in one place and move the phone! Soften your shoulders - or wiggle your shoulders around - try all sorts of combinations until you find what you love! Take pictures as you make adjustments with your body, and notice which poses you dig most.
[Tip #3 is over on the Selfie Tips page]]
4) Imagine that you are wiggling ferociously as you take your picture (but just on the inside, or else your photos will all be blurry! Though, maybe a photo that is blurry from joy is actually the ultimate selfie, so never mind me, wiggle on!)

If you feel like it's not working: 

1) Put your phone down and try again in a minute - sometimes we just need a chance to reset. Maybe even listen to the Day 1 #SelfietoSelfLove Empowerment Pep Talk again!
[Tips #2 and #4 are over with the other Selfie Tips -- #2 is a particularly good one, I think!]
3) Dance, make a goofy face, wiggle around - give yourself permission to have fun with it, and know that your personality shining through is more than enough to make it a perfect selfie!

✨And now, on to our Day 1 #SelfietoSelfLove Prompt!! ✨

Today, your challenge is to implement as many of these tips as you want, and take as many selfies as you want, and then choose your *favorite* to post in the Empowerment Studio on the Day 1 thread. And then scroll through the comments and leave compliments for at least three other people who posted!

A couple of ground rules to consider for this selfie: 
1) No Snapchat, Instagram, or other filters
 of any sort. Let's not hide behind something that modifies our faces! (Yes, this is vulnerable! It's a challenge, remember? But also, you can do this!! Remember - you are going to be posting this selfie in our loving Empowerment Studio facebook group! You are accepted and celebrated exactly as you are in there!)
2) No one else in the photo with you 
- no kids, no partners, no animals. No Chipotle burrito (mmmm πŸŒ―πŸ˜‹). You get to be in the spotlight, baby (remember! safe, loving space!!) -- this is your chance to take up space and not have to share it with anyone else. You can do it, I promise.
3) No goofy faces! 
You KNOW I'm all in on being goofy and ridiculous, and I've even been known to make a ridiculous face in a selfie from time to time. But this week, we're going to leave that behind. It's a protective layer that we don't need right now. I'm not saying you have to smile - you can be serious or sexy or cozy or sad or mysterious or neutral! But let's allow ourselves to show up without hiding behind a silly face, just for this week, and see how it feels!

Okay, my darlings. That's a wrap for Day 1. Let's go get our selfies on!! Here are your next steps:

1) Visit this link:
There, you'll find:
- a screen recording of me doing a selfie video and then screenshotting it and cropping it to make a selfie
- alllllllllllll of my outtakes while I was taking my selfie for today. I ended up choosing a photo from my video selfie (which you can see on that link as well!). I caught the light in my eyes just right, and had an easy, soft smile that felt reflective of my mood. My big smiling selfies didn't quite feel in alignment for some reason, and that's okay! 
- a quick Empowerment Pep Talk audio recording for you to listen to to pep yourself up to take your first selfie for this challenge 

2) Listen to the 
Empowerment Pep Talk, and start getting into the right brain space to take your selfie. 

3) Take that selfie, my dear! 
Refer back to this email (and my Selfie Tips page - for little tweaks you can make to find your light and your pose. And most importantly, PLEASE be gentle and kind with yourself. You are a deeply beautiful human being, whether or not you feel like that shows up perfectly in your final version of your selfie. 

Now, head over to the Empowerment Studio, look for the Day 1 #SelfietoSelfLove prompt post, and drop your selfie in the thread. This might feel a little scary, but remember: we've got your back! You can do this!

5) Compliment at least three other people who posted. 
This is a group effort, and so much of what is amazing about this is knowing that we are all going to lift each other up. 

Let's do this thing together. I'm so excited to see all of your beautiful faces in the studio. We are going to have such a great time this week. Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure. Let's make some major magic happen together! 

YAYYYYYYY! See you in the Empowerment Studio!! 
- Kinzie

PS Don't forget I'm going live at Noon CST in the Empowerment Studio every day this week to go over some of these tips (so many of them are visual!) and to cheer you on as you embark upon this epic, transformative experience! See you there!

PPS Please reply to let me know what you think of these selfie tips, and tell me if you listened to the audio recording or read the email. I'm so curious about your experience, and I promise I'll personally read and respond to every single email! I truly want to hear from you!!